Famous People with Rosacea

Bill Clinton, U.S President

US News online reported that Bill Clinton flushes, has a swollen red nose and red bumps speckling his chin and his right cheek. These are all symptoms of a moderate case of Rosacea.

Full Article: 

"Leading with his nose" By Emily Yoffe. Published in US News, March 1997


Rembrandt van Rijn, Painter

Rembrandt van Rijn
Self-Portrait, 1659


An article published in the Lancet Interactive journal studied Rembrandt using his self-portraits and came to the conclusion that Rembrandt may had had rosacea:

"Rembrandt's face also presents signs of inflammatory dermatosis: an erythematous, papular skin disease (figure 4)--the nine spots. Eight seem to be papular lesions: one on the chin, three on the nose, and four on the left cheek. The blotch under the right eye, with a fading halo, as if with spider's legs, resembles a telangiectatic lesion. These findings suggest a diagnosis of rosacea. The bulbous nose with a coarse skin indicates rhinophyma"

Full article: 
"A medical evaluation of Rembrandt. His self-portrait: ageing, disease, and the language of the skin" [may require free registration to view]
Author/s: Carlos Hugo Espinel  - Issue: Dec 20, 1997 published in the Lancet Interactive.

Letter Disputing this analysis [may require free registration to view]
published 21 March 1998



Self Portrait


Princess Diana

According to the rosaceainfo.com website, a book entitled Royal Fashion and Beauty Secrets, published in the early nineties by Ann Chubb said that Princess Diana had been noted to experience the facial redness and flare-ups associated with rosacea. 

[Note: Apart from this book, I have come across no other supporting evidence that Diana had rosacea. If she did indeed have rosacea then it is likely that her symptoms (flushing) were mild enough to be covered by makeup.]


W.C Fields, Actor - Suffered from a fairly severe case of rosacea resulting in a swollen nose (rhinophyma).

The Dermatology in the Cinema web site lists a number of other actors with rosacea including  James Cromwell, Ralph Richardson, James Arness,Elisha J. Cook, Jr and Jimmy Cagney.



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